Human Rights

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Human Rights Law

There is a vast array of local, state, national, and international legal authority that protects the fundamental rights of children. Localities and states have enacted laws to protect children from harm and promote their general welfare, such as providing access to basic education or healthcare.

At the federal level, the United States and other countries have laws and programs designed to advance human rights protections for children. Many of these laws have been inspired by international human rights laws promulgated through United Nations Declarations & Conventions to protect the special needs and human rights of children.

Despite ongoing local, state, national, and international efforts to protect children’s rights, many children in the United States and around the world continue to suffer from human rights abuses. Human Rights for Kids is fighting for a world where all children grow up free from such abuses and where every country gives each of its children an equal chance in the race of life.

We’ve included below a collection of international human rights conventions and protections that have been recognized as essential to protecting children’s rights, and to which Human Rights for Kids remains committed.

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