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We’re stronger together. You can help make a direct impact on children’s lives by taking actions such as signing our petition to urge your elected representatives to protect the human rights of children in the justice system, contacting your state or federal representatives on pending legislation, or donating to Human Rights for Kids. Learn more about how you can help make a difference.

Comprehensive Reform In Congress

“I love the fact that your organization is called Human Rights for Kids because as you so appropriately describe this is a human rights issue and frankly it is a stain on our country what we do to children.”

-Congresswoman Karen Bass

H.R. 2834
(Protecting Miranda Rights for Kids Act)
By Congressman Cárdenas

Requires parents to be notified when a child is arrested and requires that the child consult with legal counsel before they can waive their Constitutional Rights and be subject to custodial interrogation.

H.R. 2908
(Childhood Offenders Rehabilitation & Safety Act of 2021)
By Congresswoman Bass (D-CA)

Establishes a minimum age of 12 for criminal culpability for children; increases the minimum age for a child to be tried as an adult from 13 to 16; eliminates the felony murder rule for children; prohibits the placement of children in adult jails or prisons; requires data collection on youth who come into the federal criminal justice system; and establishes a grant block program for treatment and services for children under 12 and child victims of commercial sexual exploitation.

H.R. 2858
(Sara’s Law & the Unfair Sentencing of Minors Act of 2021)
By Congressman Westerman (R-AR)

Would retroactively end life and de facto life without parole by giving individuals convicted of crimes as children the ability to petition a judge for sentencing review and modification after serving 20 years; give judges the ability to depart from mandatory minimums when sentencing children (up to 35% away from the minimum); and protect child sex crime victims from harsh sentencing when they commit acts of violence against their abusers.

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Human Rights for Kids is partnering with the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, National Juvenile Justice Network, Human Rights Watch, Coalition for Juvenile Justice, Anti-Recidivism Coalition, First Focus Campaign for Children, Rights4Girls, and the National Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Coalition to support these important pieces of legislation. Watch our joint press conference to learn more about the importance of these federal bills.

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