Working to End
Children’s Rights

We founded Human Rights for Kids because we believe every child deserves hope and love. What started as an idea, is now a growing movement making a difference in every U.S. state and beyond. Learn more about our mission, our vision and what our team values most.

Our Mission

Human rights abuses involving children are perpetrated around the world by government entities, private companies and individuals. We’re a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights for children. We use an integrated, multi-faceted approach which consists of research and public education, coalition building and grassroots mobilization, and policy advocacy and strategic litigation to advance critical human rights on behalf of children in the United States and around the world.

Human Rights for Kids Gavel and prison interior

Our work consists of:

  • Protecting children from harm
  • Reforming justice systems to ensure we focus on rehabilitating children who come into conflict with the law
  • Protecting immigrant, non-native children from harm and discrimination
  • Promoting access to quality education for all children
  • Promoting healthy communities for children to ensure access to housing and health care

We also work to ensure that every nation state has signed, ratified and is in compliance with the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child and other applicable international treaties that promote and protect the human rights of children.

Our Logo

The Human Rights for Kids logo summarizes our mission in a visual way. Shaped like a star, the logo stands for guidance, light, positivity, and hope. A section of the star is brought to the forefront to represent a child reaching out to welcome and be welcomed. You’ll notice the child’s head also doubles as the sun. The golden color palette represents brightness, as the gradient treatment represents the journey from darkness to light, from despair to hope. Overall, our logo is a beacon of hope and progress, and a constant reminder of our purpose.

Our Vision

We envision a world where society protects children from violence and harm, provides treatment and care to those children who do suffer harm, rehabilitates and forgives children who make mistakes or harm others, and ensures that all children are healthy and have equal opportunity in the race of life so that they may pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

Our Values

  • Love

    We love our children, one another, and ourselves, including those who may disagree with us.

  • Humility

    We are humble which is most accurately reflected in how we treat and value others.

  • Hope

    We hope for a better future for our children, one another, and ourselves.

  • Leadership

    We are all leaders; we credit others when we achieve success and shoulder the blame when things go wrong, as they sometimes will.

  • Moral Courage

    We believe that moral courage is the one essential, vital quality needed to create a better future for our children in a world that yields most painfully to change.

  • Diversity

    We value the diversity of children that make up the world and the diversity of one another which makes us stronger, more beautiful people.

  • Empowerment

    We believe in empowering those who have been directly impacted by human rights abuses as children to create change, and empowering one another to be our best selves.

  • Determination

    We believe that through our determined efforts there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

  • Integrity

    We believe in living out our values in every aspect of our work in good times and in bad times.

  • Genuineness

    We believe we are at our best when we are our authentic selves; there is only one of us and we were born to shine.

  • Honesty

    We believe in being honest with others, one another, and ourselves no matter how difficult it may be because honesty is the foundation of love.

  • Selflessness

    We believe in the importance of sacrificing for our children and for one another which is the touchstone of love.

  • Inclusivity

    We value inclusivity and believe that people of all backgrounds have an important role to play in creating a better future for our children.

  • Confidence

    We are amazing, gifted, and incredible advocates who are a force for good individually and together.