Child Justice

Child justice reform is at the heart of our mission. We advocate for policy changes ranging from increased due process protections at the point of entry to ending mandatory minimum sentencing for children prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system. Explore each of these issues below, and support pending legislation in your home state to help us protect the human rights of all children who come into conflict with the law.

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Restoring Voting Rights for Formerly Incarcerated Children

Advocating for states to restore the right to vote to formerly incarcerated children who have reached the minimum age for voting upon release

Minimum Age for Juvenile Court

Advocating to set a minimum age of at least 12 for juvenile court to be consistent with international human rights standards

Eliminating Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Children

Advocating to require judges to consider how children differ from adults at sentencing and ending mandatory minimum sentences for children

Due Process Protection

Advocating for policy changes that require children to have contact with a parent or legal guardian, as well as legal consultation, prior to waiving constitutional rights

Preventing Harm and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

Reducing negative life outcomes by disrupting the occurrence and mitigating the impact of ACEs

Removing Children from Adult Prisons

Advocating to ensure that no child is incarcerated in adult correctional facilities

Limiting Transfer of Children to Adult Court

Advocating for states to eliminate or limit the application of juvenile transfer laws

Eliminating the Use of Solitary Confinement on Children

Advocating to eliminate the use of solitary confinement for children

Protecting Child Sex Crime Victims Prosecuted in Adult Court - Sara’s Law

Advocating to end the criminalization and prosecution of child sex crime victims who commit acts of violence against their abusers

Eliminating the Felony Murder Rule for Children

Advocating to eliminate the application of the felony-murder rule to children to create more fair sentences

Eliminating Lifetime Parole for Children

Advocating for states to enact policies that limit post-release supervision


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