Nevada State Bill Would Allow Lesser Sentences for Juveniles
Las Vegas Review-Journal
“The goal of the bill is to give judges more flexibility in looking at a juvenile’s situation and case”

Nevada Bill Seeks Legal Sympathy for Kids who Kill Abusers
Reno Gazette Journal
“The Las Vegas Republican says the idea came from James Dold…Dold has been pursuing similar legislation across the country to improve victims’ lives after human trafficking.”

Watchdog: Advocate James Dold
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
“Dold went on to help pass 40 new laws to combat human trafficking and worked in more than half the states in the country. Eleven states have abolished life-without-parole sentences for minors.”

Personalizing Nevada’s Opioid Epidemic
Las Vegas Review-Journal
James Dold
“At times it can be easy to trivialize or forget about the impact of policy decisions when they are being discussed in the abstract. But there is nothing abstract about a 23-year-old dying from a drug overdose…”

Nevada Opioid Bill Increases Prescriber Accountability
Reno Gazette Journal
By James Dold
“Neither the passage of AB474 or funding from the recent grant will bring Justin back, but maybe these efforts can save another life. Justin’s death nor the death of countless others has to be in vain if their stories can help save but one life.”

Failing Our Kids: A Resolution on Children’s Rights Day
By James Dold
“When we fail to prevent our children from suffering harm or to adequately respond when they have suffered harm, we condemn them to a life of continued abuse and negative life outcomes.”

The Suffering of Our Children: A Human Rights View on the Opioid Epidemic Strangling Our Nation
By: James Dold
“One reason we are failing, I believe, is because we don’t fully understand the genesis of people’s addiction, which often times begins in childhood.”